Twitch Mode

What's Looterkings' Twitchmode and how to set it up?

In a nutshell: You as a streamer can enable your audience to participate in the battle against the waves of monsters in looterkings using the Twitch-chat.

In detail: The moment the first creeps spawn, the overlay will change and will present the audience with two words - depending on which one they type into the chat, a buff or a debuff will be effected on the players. These buffs and debuffs increase in difficulty as are the phrases for the audience. In the end, the spectators are playing a typing game, in which correct and fast typing is crucial to either help you or make your life miserable. Personalization is key - so you can include your own running gags and get back to your community in a humorous way by defining which phrases to appear on screen via a simple textfile called Phrases.txt which can be found here:



As you can see, for each biom you have 2 sets of phrases, one for buffs (+) and one for debuffs (-). You can insert as many phrases (one per line) per biom as you like which will get displayed in a random order. You can leave phrases in the file you don’t want to use every time by commenting them out via two slashes ahead of them.

The voterCount at the top of the textfile just says how many votes in the chat are needed to let a buff or debuff happen. If you forgot to set a proper value just type /neededvotes 5 into ingame-chat to set it to 5 or use any reasonable number in comparison to your viewer-base.

  • When the textfile is prepared as you like, just save it at the same path mentioned above before starting the game.
  • Now start the game and click on ‘Host’.
  • Select ‘Twitch-mode’ and log in with your username (IMPORTANT: use only lowercase letters, even if your screen-name has capitals in it) and the corresponding OAuth-Token. (OAuthToken? → )
  • Play and let your viewers participate in an epic fight through our deadly dungeons!

The buffs and debuffs range from providing the streamer extra loot, weapons and gear as well as transforming him into a 'Leroy'-screaming Jenkins-chicken, pixelating his viewport or spawning additional enemies to let him show his battle-skills, to name just a few. And to get the viewers even more involved the first contributor for either a buff or a debuff gets his/her name displayed on screen.

This is how it looks like in your stream: